World class coil storage  Systems

Coil storage systems are suitable for stacking coils in levels with a maximum of 3 high.
Our solutions will improve the safety and efficiency of your coil storage warehouse tremendously.


KLP® Rollblocks (Safe coil storage)
KLP® RollStop System (Safe and flexible turn-key storage system)
KLP® RollCradle System (Easy two level stacking )
KLP® Storageblocks & Oiltrays (Safe storage for slit coils)
KLP® Storagebeams (Ideal storage for slit coils and heavy machine parts)
KLP® Slitcoilcarrier (Safe storage for slit coils )
KLP® PipeStop System (Safe and flexible storage of your pipes)
KLP® Rollpallets (Transport and storage of coils with the eye to the sky)
KLP® Coilcarriers (Transport of coils with a horizontal axis)

KLP® RollStop System

One supplier for the complete system (turn-key)
No steel profiles needed
No special installation equipment needed
Fast and easy installation - two men can do the job
Easy three level stacking
Flexible for coil diameter and width
Improved safety for personnel (TÜV-approved)
Less damage to your precious coils
Splinter proof
Long life time
Enormous load bearing capacity
No oil absorption

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